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We provide a range of Solar Imaging services. From performing pre-construction topographical surveys to analyzing and reporting on complex thermal maps, we can cover your asset for it's entire 30 year life-cycle.

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Comprehensive PV Asset Inspections

Our Autonomous Aerial Inspection service utilizes the latest in high definition visual and thermal imaging, drone technology and AI enhanced software to inspect, analyze, and model commercial solar assets. 99% accurate, 97% more efficient, and 80% faster than traditional manual inspection methods. Get valuable insights, accurate data, and comprehensive reports about currently operating assets across your entire portfolio, and benchmark your performance against a 15GW+ global data set.

Topographic  & Rooftop Surveys

Our Aerial Photogrammetry Modeling service for ground mounted solar asset construction projects provides project engineering & design teams with digital models and reports of site assessment data in order to efficiently manage project development from pre-construction phases to construction of the solar PV system.

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Marketing Visuals & Support

Our drone-enabled Rooftop Solar PV Planning Surveys and Modeling service enables design & engineering teams to properly and accurately plan, design, and build new rooftop solar installations. Safer, faster, and less expensive than traditional modeling methods, this service provides teams with the various AutoCAD and 3D Mesh files needed throughout the pre-construction phase.

Shading & Vegetation Analysis

Our Shading Inspection & Analytics service quickly empowers Solar Asset Managers with comprehensive data and reports identifying current and potential areas of power loss due to vegetation and various obstructions. Build data-driven models and plans to maintain and increase your solar assets’ efficiency and power production with our in-depth analytics and breakdown of problematic shading and forecasted areas of concern.

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Assess the scope of the project

Because of variables like site size, location, local regulations, weather conditions etc, solar array inspections can vary in size and complexity. So, this is why we spend the time upfront to assess and factor in these variables to ensure the inspection delivers exactly what you need.

Complete the Inspection

Once we have defined and agreed to a specified inspection scope, we will execute on the deliverables. This can be any combination of the services that are listed above. We have tailored each of our service offerings to solve the most common problems occurring along the lifecycle of commercial and utility Solar installations.



Provide Data Driven Recommendations

Once the drones are back on the ground, the real value of Heliospekt comes to life. We use our cutting edge drone plus solar experience in both the drone and solar industries to build quality reports, documentation, and recommendations that will empower any Solar Operator to make smarter decisions based on superior data and insights.

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