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Aerial view of Solar panel, photovoltaic

Grant T. Hilti founded Heliospekt to fulfill his compelling vision to apply the latest drone technologies to dramatically enhance the advancement and effectiveness of green energy, particularly solar.

A certified Master Thermographer, licensed pilot (drone & helicopter) and avid photographer, Grant has over the last 7 years perfected his craft in advanced aerial imaging and data collection techniques.

Grant’s dedication to pursuing the latest game-changing innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Drone Technology has led Heliospekt to create a full-service aerial inspection platform tailored specifically for solar assets throughout their entire 20-30 year lifecycle, from preconstruction to long-term O&M.


By combining Ultra High Definition visual and thermal image acquisition with state-of-the-art AI Deep Learning software, Heliospekt has developed a robust, accurate, dependable, safe, and efficient system for solar stakeholders to manage their portfolios of solar assets, significantly reducing their HSE and other risks while boosting plant productivity, operational efficiency and enabling smart data-enhanced maintenance.

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