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Heliospekt is a full-service aerial inspection platform tailored specifically to service solar assets throughout their entire 20-30 year lifecycle, from preconstruction to long-term O&M.

By combining Ultra High Definition visual and thermal image acquisition with state-of-the-art AI Deep Learning software, we’ve developed an accurate, dependable, safe, and efficient system for solar stakeholders to manage your portfolios of solar assets.

Industry Partnerships

We enable solar operators and asset owners to maximize the productivity of your assets over the entire lifecycle of your projects. We deliver this by utilizing advanced aerial thermal imaging and AI data analytics.


Safely, quickly and accurately inspect and benchmark your PV plant performance while lowering costs throughout the entire process

Help EPC’s, solar developers and asset owners save money and time while minimizing hazards and risks during the development and designing phases of your solar projects



Support solar asset operators, managers and owners in managing your growing solar portfolios with a fully customizable cloud-based portfolio management dashboard

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